What Are The Components Of Solar Energy Systems And How Do They Work?

Solar energy systems are particularly popular in states like Pennsylvania, and a lot of people are starting to wonder what the components of them are and how they work. If you are struggling to understand how a solar energy system functions, this article can help you better understand what goes into a solar panel and how it works.Solar cells in a field

Solar cells

At the core of a solar panel is tiny solar cells that work to capture light that is transmitted from the sun. The sun is the most valuable source of energy that we have available to us. It radiates its energy across the entire solar system, and we can only capitalize on a small fraction of what it has to provide. However, solar cells accomplish that goal very easily. The way that solar cell works are that it is designed to trap in the sunlight and convert it into electricity by using photovoltaic (PV) cells otherwise known as solar cells. We can use the energy that these solar cells can create to power just about anything that we use that runs off of electricity. This includes calculators, cars, appliances in our homes, furnaces, and much more.

The way that a solar cell is designed is it has a metal conductor strip at the top, which attracts the light. Following this is an anti-reflective coating, supported by multiple silicone layers, and then it is completed with a metal backing. The silicone layers are what make up the large majority of the cell and where they meet in the middle is where a lot of the action takes place. The metal strips are responsible for conducting the flow of electrons, which is the electricity that the cells are responsible for producing. They accomplish this through various wires that run into the house. Electrons will also run out of the house and return to the cell, where they will connect in the metal backing. This creates a closed loop, and the anti-reflective coating that is just below the metal conductor strips is what allows the photons that are the particles of sunlight that are needed to generate solar power, to be completely absorbed by the silicone layers and not be reflected away.read the news from http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-04/rooftop-solar-panels-bigger-than-biggest-turbine-wa/7066240

The System

Now that you know that every solar panel consists of solar cells that are responsible for doing all the capturing of sunlight and converting it into energy, you can better understand how a solar energy system works. A solar panel is essentially a large box that contains all the solar cells that are responsible for capturing the energy. The solar panel also connects to a bank of 12-volt batteries, or it can go directly to a grid tie inverter. This allows solar panels to work in two distinct fashions. The energy can either be transferred to the 12-volt batteries, where it can be stored and then used, or it can go directly to a grid tie inverter that will be used in conjunction with the energy that your energy company supplies your home.

Home With Solar Panels On RoofAdditionally, you can also go completely off the grid and disconnect any association that you have with the energy company and use all the energy generated from your solar panels to power the appliances and equipment inside of your home. A lot of people use the grid type inversion method because this allows them to stay hooked up to the electricity company, should they ever need additional electricity. At the same time, their electricity bill will be substantially lowered because all the energy supplied by the solar panels is what gets used first, rather than the energy that they have to pay for. Of course, connecting to a 12-volt battery bank is a highly useful option as well. With this option, homeowners can use the energy as they pleased and left over energy will always be stored inside of the batteries.

The Innovation

Solar Energy Systems

Solar panels are an amazing innovation, and they allow us to generate free, renewable energy that does not affect the environment. As more inventions like this transpire, we will be able to use solar panels, hydro power, and wind turbines to capture more electricity than we need and we will end our reliance on gasoline and oil.check more information here!

Below is a video from a UK solar installation company. While they reference savings and costs in pounds instead of dollars, they provide an excellent explanation of the benefits of installing a solar energy system.

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