Drill for oil on your land or lease to a cell tower company for residuals?

Cell phone companies need as many cell towers as possible. This is because they need to provide reliable network to their subscribers. This is the reason cell tower companies are always talking to business owners, universities or even private owners to be granted permission to build cell towers on their lands.

If such companies have approached you for permission to establish a cell tower on your land, you should keep in mind that there are certain benefits and problems associated with establishment of cell towers on your premises.

Benefits of having a cell tower on your land

Here are some advantages of having a cell tower on your premises:


Cell phone companies will definitely pay rent on a regular basis when they build a cell tower on your land. In addition, the value of your land will shoot up once a cell tower has been established on your land and you have negotiated competitive cell tower lease rates.

Better coverage services

The advantage of having premises on your property is that you will have a better wireless coverage. This is one of the things’ cell phones companies assure people if they allow them to build cell towers on their properties. Conversation will therefore be less frustrating .As a result; your area will be safer for individuals caught in emergencies because communication is made effective.


Here are some disadvantages associated with building a cell tower on your land

Health risks

Research has revealed that there are long term health risks associated with having a cell tower near you. Cell towers constantly emit energy which is believed to have the power to cause cancer or birth defects. It is therefore important for a person to carefully weigh health options before deciding to place a cell tower on his/her land

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